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i just want my sunflower tattoo already!!!


plugging in a usb on the right side on the first try 


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If your girlfriend has sexual intercourse with another girl. Is that considered cheating? 

If I’m right handed and I punch you with my left, did I really hit you?


I’ll reblog this every time.

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Sometimes it’s fun to just watch the princesses talk to each other.

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Police Chief Decapitates Boy’s Pet Chicken

A mother has filed a formal complaint against a Minnesota police department after her 5-year-old son’s pet chicken was decapitated by the chief.

Atwater Police Chief Trevor Berger said he killed the chicken on Aug. 16th because it violated the city’s ordinancethat prohibits fowls, the West Central Tribune reported.

Though Ashley Turnbull admits she had received warnings at least a week in advance about the ordinance, she said there was no reason to beat her son’s chicken to death with a shovel before decapitating it.

Turnbull said the chicken had been a birthday gift for her son, Phoenix.

“The chicken was like a puppy dog to my son,” Turnbull told the publication. “You wouldn’t do that to a puppy.”

Actually, cops have no problem killing puppies. Again, when positions of power are created in which people can initiate aggressive force with little to no consequence, it is only natural that sociopaths would gravitate to such jobs.

Don’t ever let cops near your animals. If you have an issue between the city and your animals, let animal control take care of the situation

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Gridlock. New York City, NY. March 2014

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Anyone who criticizes things to detect date rape drugs, like the straws or the nail polish, because it “promotes” date rape, first off, you’re a fucking idiot.

But more importantly…

I hope you never wear a seat belt because that just promotes reckless driving. You better not lock your doors either, because that promotes burglary. And definitely don’t support retailers who use security cameras, because they’re excusing theft.

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"At least you love me." I say to my pet as I hold them against my chest as they try to get away

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Excuse u u rnt aloud 2 post stuf lik thad.


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